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May 11, 2004

We’ve upgraded our video editing suite, so in all the new video clips you’ll notice an improvement in quality. The first clip to reflect this step up is the Tara Scotti clip, published today. You’ll be able to enjoy these clips full screen while retaining a high-quality picture. Larger clips mean bigger files, but the improved quality will definitely be worth the extra seconds to download. Do keep in mind though, we still have a well-stocked library of clips done on the old editing system, so you’ll see a mix of old and new until we exhaust our stockpile.

March 10, 2004

This update includes our first offering from the 2004 Arnold, fitness competitor Amanda Swallow, or more accurately, soon-to-be fitness competitor. Amanda has yet to set foot on a competition stage, but with her outstanding physique and gymnastics background, she will impress. Our shoot was her first ever, so this is her world debut. We’ve added a Super Sized! gallery with extra-large images as Amanda’s physique was so impressive. And she’s only been training seriously for one year. Definitely look for more in the future from Amanda.

Also, five new video clips from FVF 2003.

February 11, 2004

We’ve added a new feature in our photo section called “Super Sized!” We will select images from certain photoshoots and publish them in extra-large size for those who wish to max out on photos. As well, we’ll continue to publish them at their normal size to give you the choice between the two.

The first Super Sized! model is Michelle Troll, a Vancouver-based figure competitor. Michelle is 5-9 and weighed around 140 for this shoot. She has an outstanding physique for anyone, let alone a mother nearing 40-years of age.

Look for more Super Sized! image galleries in the future.

February 9, 2004

Added three new video clips today from the FVF 2002 show. These come from the strength portion and feature some interesting match-ups in the pushups event. This is a timed event where competitors go all out for 60 seconds to see how many push-ups they can complete.

The match-ups:

Lara Cubit, one of the best women’s amateur boxers in Canada, versus big bodybuilder Kirsten Haug.

Lee Tomaschefski, fitness model and all-around athlete, versus Linda Cusmano, fitness model and competitor.

Mindi O’Brien, fitness model and athlete, versus Melissa Lambert, former high school track star turned figure competitor.

We’ve added a press release with some preliminary news on FVF 2004, scheduled for September 11 in Vancouver, BC. Go here: to read the information.

And we continue to add images on a regular basis. Look for the images and video clips to continue coming your way.

February 5, 2004

As you can see, the big news today is that we have a totally revamped site. We made the decision to move to a simpler format because this will allow us to focus more time on gathering and delivering content and less time on making fancy buttons to go with a pretty website.

So what does all this mean to you?

You’re going to see more content, more photos and more video clips than you did on the old site. We now have unlimited bandwidth, so video clips will remain on the site rather than being removed after a number of months as we did on the old site. With our new setup, updates will be much easier to do, so you will see more of them.

What it comes down to is more of what you want: more video clips, more images, more often.

We hope you enjoy the new home of Athletic Women Magazine. Hard to believe it, but 2004 marks our fifth year of publishing online, starting out in 1999 as Women’s Strength & Power.